Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009 keywords help in hard times keywords send people direct to specific web pages and files instantly, without any list of results.

Email keywords at are FREE if you have a web presence of any sort (blogger, facebook, or other).

To make any email address you own go direct to any page you manage, visit, enter FREE EMAIL and click GO. sounds overly simple, and it is, yet an easy-to-remember keyword makes the Internet easier to navigate, with fewer people you direct getting lost along the way - and for web pages and files deep within sites with URLs that are difficult to explain or relate to another due to length of the URL page or web address, keywords eliminate the problem. Plus the more people hear or see your keyword, the more they remember it!

The result? People find the exact pages and files others want them to find quickly and easily, and life is easier, faster, and anything related to the Internet works better - in the many instances where word of mouth and media is how and where people learn of keywords. has provided this very simple yet sensible keyword service since 1997, I invented it, and have believed in its value since then - as a simple and easier tool.

Please comment on the 'keyword direct' concept, and share your thoughts.

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